The XII Permanent Conference of the Trade Unions of the European Capitals took place in Moscow (Russia) from 19th to 22nd September 2012 with the support of the Mayor of Moscow and of the European Trade Union Confederation. The event took place in MTUF Training Research Centre.~

At the opening the delegates were greeted by MTUF President, the vice-President of Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia, representatives of the State Duma of Russia, Moscow City Duma and by the General Secretary of the General Confederation of Trade Unions. The summary report on the theme of the XI Conference “Inclusion and Exclusion in the Labour Market” was presented.

Then representatives of 21 trade unions from 16 European countries reported on the theme “Realization of the Decent Work Concept under Conditions of Crisis. Risks and Challenges for the European Capitals. Searching for the New Ways of Fighting for the Workers Rights.”

As a result of the collaboration the delegates singled out the main topics, which were included in the Statement, where they defined the main working directions for the trade unions on overcoming crisis consequences and creating conditions for decent work.


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