About us

The European Capitals Trade Unions Network (ECTUN) is the informal Network of the Trade Union Organisations based in the European Capital cities and their Regions. All trade unions based in a European capital city – who’s National Confederation is an affiliate of the ETUC and/or of the PERC – can become members of the network.

The main objective of the Network is to enhance a regular exchange of information, experience, contacts and best practices, establishing spaces for dialogue among the Trade Unions of the Capital cities.

Moreover ECTUN aims to

  • Promoting and defend solidarity, workers’ rights, collective bargaining, employment and welfare, fight against social dumping and inequalities.
  • Developing actions and/or initiatives aimed to promote dignity of workers and contributing to the improvement of workers’ living and working conditions in the areas of the capital cities.

The network has a Permanent Committee and a Coordinator both elected by the plenary during the annual Conference, having a mandate of three years.