The trade union organisations part of the European Capitals Trade Union Network (ECTUN) met in Vilnius on September 8-10 at the occasion of the XIV conference. At this occasion, 48 delegates representing 24 trade union organisations met to discuss on the topic of collective bargaining. Before the conference a survey was distributed among the ECTUN, and the  report was presented. The survey dealt with the effects of the austerity in the capital cities, the unemployment, precarious working conditions, disadvantaged  workers, poverty rates and a set of good practices set up by the unions in the capital cities and regions in order to tackle the effects of austerity measures on workers and people. The conference included a session on the actual challenges that the ETUC is facing at the moment and Luca Visentini, ETUC Confederal Secretary has been present. Trade unions present at the conference agreed on an ECTUN understanding which describes the way the network works.



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